Make an Offer by the end of this year
Start your own business in 2011
يجب أن نرى ، البائع دوافع ، عرضك === SAN FRANCISCO, CA
देखते हैं, प्रेरित विक्रेता, एक प्रस्ताव बनाना चाहिए
Phải xem, người b?n c? động cơ, l?m một sản
Even renting any accomodation in Richmond district JUSTIFY this BEST OFFER
HAVE your own breakfast or donut with coffee every morning
Run your own business and earn $$$

control your destiny,
like the Dream Act

Year U can start -2011
Room two at least
Floors two
Lottery OK Pipe newly installed
Past Owner stay for years $130K bought in
ONly minimum $80 per month


주인이 로또 매출은 커피로 하루 아침 식사 또는 도넛 당 천 끝났다, 관리

커피숍이 큰 테이블, [천달러 수익에 대해] 복권 제공

주거 지역으로 둘러싸여 버스 31 접근, 발 트래픽,

Property Features

Cigarette Sales, coffee and tea, books sales, toy sales
$10,000 worth improvement in restroom setup
one bedroom upstair available, one office setup with shelves
غرفة نوم واحدة طابق علوي المتاحة ، واحد مع مكتب الإعداد الرفوف
مبيعات السجائر والقهوة والشاي ، ومبيعات الكتب ، ومبيعات لعبة

Location Features

Bus 31 accessible, Foot Traffic, surrounded by residential
Next to Insurance company, Beauty Salon, PACE afterschool

Other Special Features

Coffee Shop 2 big tables, Lottery available [about $1000 revenue] ty=%27SAN%20FRANCISCO%
MUST SEE AND appointment only (call the agent please)
رؤية ويجب تعيين فقط (استدعاء وكيل من فضلك)
مقهى 2 الجداول الكبيرة المتاحة اليانصيب (حوالي 1000 $ الإيرادات]

Additional Photos

Main Store

woodern rack


2 door refrigerator

more racks

Outside Store
Contact Info
Francis Ha under STORE
DRE 01798336
(415) 517 1034 francis
@ gmail
For sale by agent/broker

Equal Opportunity Housing - U can find FnB (Restaurants) and Rental on my also.